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        Company Profile

        Do the best in making water adhesive
        DingLi New Material Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1998,is a professional R&D, production and marketing of water-based adhesive products manufacturer. Our main four series products are building decoration adhesive, woodworking adhesive, printing & packaging adhesive and special adhesive.
        DingLi already has its three manufacturing bases in Zhejiang, Henan and Sichuan province at present, having an annual output of 100,000T per year.
        Our core value is “first-consideration for employees, better-satisfaction from customers, united-teamwork, and keep humble, passionate, dedicated, active-learning". Our mission is to offer better glue products wholeheartedly, for that, we focus on hiring more professional talents, optimizing production process, improving automatic level, modifying ISO9001 & EHS14001 files, till now all of our products have gotten China Environment Mark Certification, some products quality are approved by European Standard.
        DingLi is aimed to become a trustful & respectful water-based enterprise in the mainland of China, with its efficiency management team, steady products quality, rich product series, and strong marketing network.
        • Honor
          Witness the top quality of our products
        • Culture
          Do the best in making adhesive
        • History
          Slowly, carefully focused