All to know about research paper headings and subheadings

Have you ever crafted a research paper to completion? One of the things you might have realized is that, there are multiple headings and subheadings that are used. The former normally introduces a different idea from the previously discussed one. On the other hand, the latter refers to specific things within the topic that author might be interested to jot down.

Start by crafting the topic, followed by subtopics

Generally, the headings normally carry the major idea in which there is diversity. This should be written first and be numbered accordingly. Once you have the heading, you should then write the subheadings. These should be aligned uniformly such that the reader should be able to clearly distinct them from the main heading. All the information contained in the subheadings should be specific to the given heading. Failure to do this will mean you have included impertinent information.

All topics should be aligned uniformly

When you are formulating the headings, you should make sure that they are all aligned uniformly. This makes the work look organized and therefore, your teacher will be able to award you superior marked than a person who has done this haphazardly. If you realize that one of them is out of the alignment, you have to correct it immediately.

Subheadings should be numbered according to the chapter

In a research paper, there are specific chapters that the author needs to understand about. For instance, there is a chapter that involves the background information and there is one that focuses on the methodology. Therefore, if the chapter is designated “two” for example, the subheadings should all begin with “two”, followed by a dot and then a specific number.

Subheadings should contain content that focuses on the heading

You now understand that under every heading, there are multiple subheadings. One of the major things you have to keep in mind is that, the information contained in the subheadings should be specific to the heading. For instance, if you are focusing on methodology, craft the different data collection methods that were used in the field.

Bold all the headings and subheadings

The last point entails bolding your headings and the subheadings. However, you can also choose to bold then not necessarily after you have written everything but when you are writing each.

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