6 Instructions for Crafting a Psychology Research Paper in a Week

Even the best students will on occasion wait until the last minute to get started on an important psychology research paper. No matter what the reason, when you’re up against a tight deadline you need to work efficiently and quickly. This articles shows you how two write a great psychology research paper that earns you a good grade in a week:

Select a Manageable Topic that Meets the Requirements

Now is not the time to impress your professor with a difficult research paper assignment topic that would normal require you to spend several weeks crafting. Select something that you can manage to do in just a few days while still meeting the assignment’s minimum requirements.

Conduct Some Quick Background and In-Depth Research

You should start your background and some in-depth research on the first day. Background research should only take you about an hour, and your in-depth academic research done at the library should take you no more than four or five hours and go into no more than half of the second day of the week.

Write a Thesis Statement and Create a Simple Outline

When you are done looking up content you should be able to draft a thesis statement and arrange your notes in a simple outline. Put in the major sections and simple phrases to remind you of what it is you intend to address. Try to spend no more than a few hours doing this.

Write the Body Paragraphs Before Any Other Section

You should start the third day by writing a draft of the body paragraphs of the psychology research paper. Use your outline to guide your writing, and as you type do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t bother making corrections at this point; just get your ideas down.

Write the Research Paper Introduction and Conclusion

Day four of the project should be spent writing a good introduction and conclusion. The reason we advise you to do these sections after you’ve written the body paragraphs is because they will be easier to write know that you know exactly what it is your work is about.

Revise, Edit, and Proofread Your Psych Research Paper

Finally spend the last three days revising, editing, and proofreading your research paper. You can spend anywhere between two to three days doing this the right way, so it’s important that you dedicate this entire time reviewing your work and making it the best it can be.

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