Selecting Research Paper Topics: 5 Basic Rules

There are many academic works that you have to learn for the first time when you will be in college. There will be projects and seminars, dissertation and research works. The research work is one of the most important out of them. It has a lot of grades and the score of your end semester depends on the quality of work you are doing. The research paper has to be submitted generally in the end of the last semester. Here you have to choose a topic which should be from the area of your expertise. It should be an interesting one so that the readers find it thought needling but the main thing you have to keep in mind is the toughness of the project. You should not lay your hand on such a project topic that you might have to ditch in due course.

The 5 basic rules that are to be kept in mind while choosing a research paper topic:

  • The topic which you choose shall be having enough importance. If you are in lack of reasons to justify the cause of choosing this topic then you might find yourself in an embarrassing situation in front of the critics. In several of your question and answer seasons you will be asked about the reason of choosing the topic. You have to be well prepared with a strong answer to justify your choice.
  • Secondly after choosing two or three topics that you favour to work upon you should be consulting with your mentor to choose the final one. You have to allow him/her to judge the projects and choose one for you, or at least choose the one he/she finds suitable to work with. After all it will be them who are going to help you every moment.
  • The influence of the topic on the society and the subject. You just can’t choose an unrelenting topic which has no significance with the society. You have to keep in mind the societal influence of your writing and it carries marks. You have to be quiet thoughtful and judgemental while choosing one.
  • The most important thing of a topic is that it should have plenty of information so that you can come up with a good research paper. If you choose an interesting topic but it has no useful internet material to work on neither it has any reference in your library books, then you have to work extensive hard. You might even have to leave the work due to shortage of materials.
  • The topic should be mass appealing else it would not attract people’s attraction.
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