A Short List Of The Most Popular Research Paper Topics Criminology

Here are some popular criminology study areas that you can think about, topics that you might consider when coming up with a good paper:

  • Discuss some of the main dimensions of criminology in application in the world today

  • Discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of the major classical thought processes with respect to criminology

  • Explain the importance of critical criminology, and how these eventually are associated with the crimes in society

  • Discuss the elements of the positivist school of thought in criminology

  • Explain the pros and cons of taking up a course, and furthering studies in criminology

  • Explain how criminology has advanced and evolved over the years

  • Discuss the nature of the evolution of crime, and how studies in criminology have made it easier for authorities to restore sanity in the society

  • Discuss some of the key issues that students must learn in criminology, that would help them understand the way a killer’s mind works

  • Discuss the concept of feminist criminology and how it applies in the society today

  • From your experience in criminology, discuss some of the main reasons why people commit certain crimes, giving relevant examples

  • Discuss the importance of Robert Merton’s studies to criminology and the theories thereof

  • Discuss the three main criminal theories as applied in criminology; social dilemmas, socioeconomic status and education

  • Discuss the difference between classical and contemporary criminology, citing relevant examples

With the list that we have discussed herein, you should be in the best position to make up your mind based on the kind of content you are looking to deliver. There are so many people who will constantly struggle from time to time with their topic selection. You however do not need to worry about this anymore. You can also use the same ideas that we have shared in here to learn a few things about how well you can write your own papers.

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